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Corporate Wellbeing Workshops

MIND BEING WELL - Corporate Wellbeing Workshops

We provide bespoke wellbeing workshops to help your staff discover a healthier, happier and more successful state of mind

School Workshops

We love working with children of all ages to develop a confident and healthier future generation.

Corporate Workshops

Our involvement with corporate industry in the UK helps to create a happier work-life balance

Group Workshops

No matter who or where you are we can supply life changing, tailor made workshops for your group

Council Workshops

Our success within the public sector has eased what many see as a difficult process of change

Sport Workshops

Many sports people benefit from understanding that competing successfully, first starts in the mind

Media Workshops

We have years of experience training clients to be confident and professional when speaking in public

Latest Online Workshop

Many individuals in today’s current climate feel overwhelmed, drained, exhausted, lacking in purpose, feel irritable, agitated and find it hard to concentrate and motivate themselves to living a healthier and happier life. Getting out of bed and facing another day feels unbearable.

Eating and drinking become less about nutrition and more about comfort and escapism. A negative mindset ensues as does a constant spiral of self-critical thoughts and feelings of underlying anxiety and in some cases, depression.

In this Mindfulness & Resilience taster workshop you will learn:

  • How to feel calmer quickly
  • Gain confidence
  • Be more focussed
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Improve health & safety

As a participant of the workshop you will also receive a relaxation download to use at home and a reminder of the key components of the workshop.

Diana's Audio Demo

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right
"Hi Diana, It was such a pleasure to meet with you today.
It was a great session and one that my colleagues really enjoyed and learnt a lot!
For me personally a lot of what you’ve said has helped me re-think about me and that I need to be more caring to myself! Being in HR I care about others and others happiness but have recently neglected myself....
I felt the information you have provided will certainly be my friend and will support me to be more confident...
Thank you and I look forward to receiving the MP3’s.
Hope you have a good journey home and enjoy your weekend!"
Jacqui - HR Specialist


Our bespoke wellness workshops are happening all over the country, delivering solutions and opportunities to many and varied organisations
Wellbeing Workshops for the Workforce"
Wellbeing Workshops for Schools"
Corporate Wellbeing Workshops for staff"
Corporate Wellbeing Workshops for the Colleagues"


"I believe my purpose is to inform and help corporate colleagues, to improve their mental health and wellbeing, through Mind Being Well workshops."

The Breathing Balloon

Let your breathing bubble be your guide to help you breathe deeply. Follow the bubble as it shows you when to breathe in and out and when to hold your breath.

The Breathing Bubble


Our many satisfied clients are more than happy to give positive feedback from the bespoke wellness sessions and workshops

“Fantastic – Well structured and carefully managed for a deep learning experience.”

~ Corporate Wellbeing Workshop Client

“Wonderful persona, that was calming but clear and direct, helping me to change.”

~ Corporate Wellbeing Workshop Client

“If we could spread this reflective way of thinking the world would be a more positive place!”

~ Corporate Wellbeing Workshop Client

"Firstly, please accept my gratitude and profound thanks for the delivery of the workshop I attended on Wednesday last week. I found it inspiring, motivating and very informative. Hopefully, with time, I'll be more kind to myself and see the difference in various aspects of my life."

~Corporate Wellbeing Workshop for Uniper - Nottingham


If you would like to discuss how we can provide you with a bespoke workshop to help improve productivity through happyness, then please do get in touch below

Diana Luke DHP(NC) MNRHP

Corporate Wellbeing Workshops

Diana Luke is a professionally qualified Hypno-Psychotherapist and is a Member of the National Register of Hypno-Psychotherapists

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